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Some of the fabulous RedBalloon team

I’m often asked what is the greatest concern that I have – ‘what keeps me awake at night?’

The only thing that concerns me is did I do everything I could to support, assist and grow the team around me.

It is kind of an upside down world here at RedBalloon. I see my role as serving the team – who of course then serve our customers.

It is not external things like interest rates, or retail trade figures that concern me – the only things I do worry about – is did I do enough….

Really we can only ever concern ourselves with things that we can influence. It is pointless to worry about those things out of our control.

I was asked recently at a speaking engagement and I was asked– ‘Do you have a social media policy?’  Call me naïve, but I know my commitment to the team, and our supply community – and really if anyone feels that they want to voice externally rather than bring something to our attention internally – then I have failed them.

I rely on all those around me to be straight, authentic and to be able to challenge what we do.

Debate in business is good – the last thing I want is a bunch of ‘yes’ men.

If it’s meant to be it’s up to me.

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