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I picked this up this week in BRW.

More than 44 per cent of Australian employees say the poor quality of their managers makes them very unhappy at work. Engineering tops the list of the unhappiest industry in which to work. according to Seek’s 2006 survey of Employee Satisfaction and Motivation. However, the good news is that workers are overall much happier this year than they were last year. 37 percent say they are happy or very happy compared with 21 per cent in the same categories last year.

Happy Industries Top 5

  • Community and sports – 51%
  • Science and Technology – 49%
  • HR & Recruitment – 48%
  • Consulting/Corporate Strategy – 44%
  • Construction – 43%

I wonder if all those RedBalloon vouchers delivered to employees made a difference to the happiness rating 🙂

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  1. Ah Naomi, what is it about us engineers. Why are we determined to be miserable.
    I have a saying I sometimes use."No-one ever went to work prepared to have a rotten day and went home disappointed". I just think large numbers of our managers and indeed ourselves need a dollop of your magic. We need to focus more on how great our jobs really are and look at what we are able to achieve.

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