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I decided to be with our Pleasure Relations team on the phone for a day last week. What a fantastic experience. What a privilege to listen to customers first hand. I learned a fair bit, and I share without any judgement or making anyone wrong – it is just how it is.

People Don’t Read Why should they? If you are running a web site then it must be absolutely evident what the customer is getting and what is expected of them. It has to be more than obvious ? it must be ‘in the face’. No subtleties here.

Business is a People Sport Many people just want to speak to people. To know who it is, why it is and how this web site works. Is it real? Who are they. Let’s have a chat anyway. It is just nice to shoot the breeze.

Simplicity Wins Every Time You can try to invent a system for everything. But the reality is that if you are dealing with 1000 people there will be 1000 different views of the world. Sometimes you just have to bend your knees and be flexible. Just because one person asks for something one way ? does not mean you need to invent a system to accommodate every variation.

People Will Live Into the Game You Create for Them Ultimately people love a challenge, they love to feel the sense of achievement. Not to be overwhelmed or under resourced. Just exhilarated by the sheer pleasure of accomplishment. After all we all want to make a difference. And when we do we feel fantastic.

Tell me about a fantastic customer experience you have had recently?

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  1. We’re centering our company around the Net Promoter Score/Ultimate Question metric of Fred Reichheld. To do that, we started interviewing new customers in December with the Ultimate Question. New customers report their likelihood to refer us as being 10 out of 0-10 with 10 being VERY likely. Then this week we started interviewing customers of more than 3 years. They too reported the same scores.

    This is a great customer experience that everyone in the company experiences and shares: staff, customers and prospect referrals.

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