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It is pretty great when you get to a point in your career when people are interested in what you have to say. It can of course be challenging and personally confronting when put forward to an event called ‘Stump the Strategist.” But what is great about it is that I can use my ‘talent’ as a speaker to raise money for the causes that are important to me. I’m excited to contribute to an organisation very close to my heart  this week – Voiceless; passionate advocates for the protection of all animals.

I will be sharing my insights this Thursday night  (27 June) on creating a customer experience culture at a Stump the Strategist event -it has been described as a mix of ‘The Gruen Transfer’, ‘Whose Line is it Anyway?’ and ‘Thank God You’re Here!’ I’ll be taken through my marketing paces on the night, as well as sharing my beliefs on customer experience cultures. All funds raised by ticket sales to the event will be donated to Voiceless – if you’d like to attend the event on June 27, you can buy a ticket for just $20 – see you there.

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