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I have just returned from a wonderful celebration of BRWs Best Places to Work with my fellow RedBallooners. We were most delighted to have made the list for the fifth year in a row as well as being in the top 10 (#8).

The employee experience journey at RedBalloon is far from static – it has evolved and expanded each year. The leadership cohort are completely committed to the journey – knowing that it is not one single activity that ‘creates engagement’. Whilst the six pillars of engagement developed and executed by my colleague Megan Bromley (pictured third from left) during that time – each element is reviewed to ensure focus, freshness and relevance. We too keep trying new things to deepen our connection as a team.

One of the newest innovations in the RedBalloon employee experience is the way the business measures and tracks employee engagement. Having used indexes from Aon Hewitt and internal measurements in the past, the decision was made in 2012 to align how they measure and talk about ‘engagement’ with how the business measures the customer experience – so they can now speak the same language and have greater consistency across the whole business.

In October 2012 RedBalloon implemented the world-renowned Net Promoter System (NPS) at an employee level (eNPS). The Employee Net Promoter Score asks employees ‘On a scale of zero to ten, how likely is it you would recommend RedBalloon as a place to work?’ From these individual scores, an overall percentage is calculated based on the percentage of promoters (those who score 9 or 10) minus detractors (those who score 6 or below). The highest growth companies operate with an NPS of 50 to 80. The average organisation will coast along at an NPS of only five to 10 — meaning their promoters barely outnumber their detractors. According to the creators of the tool, eNPS scores can be substantially lower than customer scores because employees are often harsher critics of their own company. So it’s understandable that the employee experience team at RedBalloon are excited to have a current score of 84.

It’s all about the journey – and as we put the FY14 plans to bed – I am very excited for what we are about to undertake.

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  1. This is great Naomi, I wonder how your ENPS journey evolved now that FY14 is in the past!

    We definitely think you have a great company and concept, it’s the experiences that people remember and value, most of our time is spent in the digital realm and helping create experiences and getting back to real human interaction is something we applaud you for.

    Having said that, we do have a digital tool for your ENPS efforts, but it’s very lightweight and simple:-


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