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One of the questions I am often asked is ‘How do you do it?’ – or ‘what is your magic bullet on employee engagement?’ I have blogged regularily on what has worked for RedBalloon, but as one attendees after last nights ‘TheHIVE’ event declared ‘all businesses are not like RedBalloon, selling fabulous experiences. How do I know if the business I work in is capable of engagement?’ – Great question. I was so glad I had a quick answer for you Kate… Have a look at the ’employee engagement capability research RedBalloon has been doing with Shirlaws…

So blog as promised – Kate, here is the information on learning more about engagement readiness, from the Employee Engagement Capabilities research undertaken at the end of 2010, the workshops reveal the actions steps that an organisation needs to take in order to increase its employee engagement capability.

James Wright from RedBalloon and Oliver Christen from Shirlaws are running the sessions and will outline the results of the survey and look at what it takes to achieve 80%+ employee engagement scores. They will cover:

  • The 20 elements of employee engagement that deliver the most effective results
  • Being in a position to better assess your organisations engagement capability
  • Identifying the engagement priority areas for impact in FY12
  • An action plan that will boost engagement through more effective reward and recognition

The workshop dates are:

•       30th March – Auckland

•       5th April – Newcastle

•       7th April – Melbourne

•       12th April – Perth

•       19th April – Sydney

•       20th April Brisbane

So Kate if we are going to see you in Melbourne again I suggest you click here to reserve a spot (or any of the Australian workshops). Or here if you want to attend in Auckland.




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  1. These workshops sound extremely beneficial, but unfortunately I can’t make the Brisbane date. There’s 4 down so far and 2 to go, just wondering how the 4 so far have gone and whether there’s any feedback from attendees at all? And also whether the workshops may be run again at all?


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