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Naomi Simson experiences

Last week was full of colour and excitement. I got to experience the shear variety of activities RedBalloon offers – from visiting our Jet Fighter supplier (they have a special on at the moment) – to indulging in our newest massage experience (worth a blog on it’s own).

In addition there was much media activity – recording lot’s more employee engagement tips for Kochies Business Builders… and of course the end of the week we had the leader of the NSW Opposition make some final policy

Dexter sneaks a look in

announcements at a RedBalloon morning tea with the team (and about 20 media)….Dexter doing his best to steal the show.

I have completely got my head down in the pre-reading for the AICD – Company Directors course that I am doing this week in Melbourne. (That is the only thing planned – except one speaking gig for the HIVE, I will sneak to Tuesday evening for an hour)….

So I will be in hibernation this week filling up my brain…. (and for light relief I am reading ‘the Jimmy Choo story’ – which I am loving).


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  1. Thanks Naomi for sneaking out tonight to share your experiences of starting Red Balloon and your vision for a creating a happy Australia through wonderful experiences. I appreciate you taking the time to speak to us at the HIVE.

  2. It would be great if a business like yours could also embrace the arts as something that might be worth giving.

  3. Hi Naomi,

    Just thought you might be interested in a photo I took of you during your speech at The Order of Melbourne here.

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