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James shares his insights into RedBalloon

We are fast approaching RedBalloon’s tenth birthday, with that it mind I wanted to check in with the team ‘What does it mean to you to be a part of the RedBalloon story?’ The answers were delightful and insightful… but this particular answer from one of the newer RedBallooners is very worth reproducing in whole.

If you were to ask the similar question in your organisation, you too could get a great insight into the ‘mood’ – think of it as a ‘culture check’.

R Recognised. Continual recognition day to day has been very important in my short time here. Knowing that all my efforts are acknowledged, appreciated and are of value to the business in achieving the goals we collectively aspire to, gives myself and everybody a huge sense of unity in where we are heading.

E Experiences! Such a unique trait to my role and being a part of my story is fulfilling so many dreams for so many people. Not many people I know can say the consequences of their daily tasks will live in the memories of others forever!

D Dynamic. I am buoyed by how I can personally contribute to our visions and challenges for the future. If I want to make a suggestion of change or improvement, the big red door is always wide open. All that is required of me, is imagination.

B Belief. Having the people around me who are not afraid to get out there and make things happen because they believe in the cause. No objectives are too big, because where there’s a will, there’s a way. We are all role models.

A Aspiration. Reaching the One million milestone and the ‘RedBalloon Story’ I believe is directly attributed to the investment in the people along the journey. Being a part of an ever improving, expanding organisation who actively encourage personal development and achievement will, in my mind, only motivate the story into achieving even bigger ‘hairy audacious goals’ in the future, and it feels good to be a part of that.

L Love. For what we do and how we work.  To me the story is based up a culture of passionate, driven people, which can only have a ripple effect on each other and associates alike.

L Learning. The story of the RedBalloon journey is anything but one dimensional, and the opportunities for learning to benefit myself and company co-inside with the RedBalloon ride. Only limited by the wind in my sails.

O One-on-one. Anyone involved in the RedBalloon story can approach anyone at anytime. Two heads are better than one! Be it personal or otherwise, it is well practiced and there is always someone I can to turn to.

O Opportunity. Seizing the opportunity! The story for me has told me to not be afraid in grasping an opportunity. Flexibility in my role is great and I can go about that how I like, which permits outside of the box thinking. Which reminds; “Most people think inside the box, great visionaries think outside the box, geniuses don’t see a box!”.

N Next steps.. the future

James R…. Corporate Team



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