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This week is exciting at RedBalloon – we are celebrating many things, including 17 RedBallooners being promoted to new roles… which is wonderful to be able to provide career growth in such a relatively small organization. Last week I had lunch with the ‘newbies’ and I always delight at their enthusiasm – funny now though for me, as many of them were in primary school when I started the business, so when I ask “how did you hear about RedBalloon?” – they kind of look at me as if to say “hasn’t it always been around?”

We are recruiting many roles – and at the end of this recruitment we will be 56 people. All these new people and new roles is because we are resourcing to fulfill on the plan.

Also this weeks sees the company wide trip to Fraser Island – we were playing a ‘growth game’ and we more than doubled the game – so I am delighted to celebrate with the team at Fraser Island – and you will be assured it is set to be an experience.

I have a speaking engagement on Tuesday for Sussan – and I am delighted that I have finished a new presentation for it – ‘The Gift of Thanks’ much inspiration coming from the stories that people are sharing with me online. – and the power of the simple Thank-you to make someones day.

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