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Business Success program came to interview me a few weeks ago. They asked some questions about growth and technology. I had some not so technical answers. Such as when they asked about speed – I said: “you just need a really big pipe!”

I have no idea how it has come together but does join me by watching on Sunday morning (remember clocks switch this weekend). The official overview is below. I don’t know if I have ever heard us described as massive before.

Business Success Sunday 8.30am on Channel 9.

Welcome to the latest Business Success News. This week:

Any small to medium enterprise even one operating from a suburban home can be more substantial more flexible more efficient and more profitable through a very simple and sensible investment in Next G mobiles and ADSL plus 2 broadband.

It is no longer about big vs small but fast vs slow.
Think about the Telstra commercial where a business owner pulls down a screen with a vista of the city behind him prior to a conference call to create the illusion of having a massive business.

Technology means virtual businesses can operate from anywhere at any time.

We hook up a small very successful virtual consulting business with a massive internet gift business for some technology sharing information.

Let me know what you think…

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  1. Turned on the telly this morning and,by chance, started watching the Business Success program. I’d known about RedBallonDays and have purchased many products from the website, but that’s as far as I have gone, or at least until today.

    Naomi, you’re an inspiration. Not only because of this innovative business you created, but also because the way you have created it. I will be remembering a lot of what you said in the interview today as I make the transition from a uni student to a graduate.

  2. I saw the show and immediately thought "I’d love to work for someone like that!". Being a mum of 3 beautiful children and working part-time in the male dominated IT industry for someone else, is a juggling act BUT one I truly love. I do however feel unappreciated despite my results – whether that is because I work part-time rather than full-time or I am a women, I’m not sure, but it is frustrating having to constantly prove I am as good if not better than one of the boys.
    Naomi, the story was great and you should be so proud of what you have achieved. You have a fantastic vision and your story was inspirational. Congratulations on your Business Success, and personal success.

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