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I am back home to Sydney after a busy week. The first half saw me in Sydney speaking all things #IWD, whilst the second half had me travelling the country sharing my thoughts on leadership, customer experience and entrepreneurship.  I was in Melbourne as part of my role as a director of the Faculty of Business and Economics for the University of Melbourne, in the Gold Coast speaking for the Pharmacy Guild, before finishing in Mount Isa as the keynote speaker for the local Zonta Clubs #IWD awards dinner.

I’m feeling tremendously fortunate to meet so many different types of business owners. However, every business person that I met this week is working as hard as they ever have, and life is just not getting any easier for Small Business and entrepreneurs. Though, those that I met appeared eager to learn, curious and interested. For those I met – please do join the conversation.

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Join me live at 5.30 (Sydney Time) on Thursday with questions... see the page to post questions prior to the session.

Last week

International Women’s Day – Wednesday 8th March

  • Veuve Clicquot New Generation Award 2017
  • InterPublic Group Women’s Leadership Network
  • MCN launch of the platform
  • HubSpot’s International Women’s Day – Fireside Chat (available in full in my private group)
  • Annual Foundation Dinner | Faculty of Business and Economics Board (Melb Uni)
  • 2017 Pharmacy Guild of Australia’s APP National Conference
  • Zonta Club of Mount Isa’s International Women’s Day Dinner

Coming Up

  • Focus on Shark Tank invested companies
  • Heads Over Heels Advisory Board Meeting
  • Lunch with fellow ‘Shark’ Andrew Banks
  • Cerebral Palsy Alliance Research Foundation – IMPACT for CP Research Briefing
  • Lunch with entrepreneur and founder of ‘Hey You’ – Rebekah Campbell
  • 5.30 Thursday join me here with your questions – FB live exclusive for the community

Thought for the week:

What I am reading:

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In the media last week:

RedBalloon founder and Shark Tank investor Naomi Simson: On learning to listen

“Often we get people who come before us whose ideas aren’t fully evolved yet. What often happens is we see people come in and they are so in love with what they think they’re going to do they actually can’t listen. The critical thing to business growth is your ability to listen. We were given two ears and one mouth for a reason.”

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  1. Please, please, please correct the spelling error in Naomi’s quote ….. ” we are given TWO (not to) ears and one mouth for a reason”

  2. oops Got it thanks Charms… I’ll have to sack the proofreader 😉 Appreciate your pick up

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