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These are my set of rules that I use to keep myself productive?

  • 1. Create the day ? even before I get to work (I walk to work which gives me half an hour to think through how the day is going to go) I work out what I want to achieve.
  • 2. I have a morning huddle (10 minutes) with my direct reports ? to see if they are stopped anywhere ? this really sets up the day. This 10 minutes can save a lot of interruptions during the day.
  • 3. Have a top 5 list ? what is the one thing that you have got to get done before the end of the day, then once complete move to the next thing. (I love a list)
  • 4. Always do the one thing you don?t want to do first. (get it out of the way so it is not hanging over your head)
  • 5. Turn off emails ? I will only look at emails at certain times of the day. Usually lunch time and at the end of the day (if the must do item is complete) ? I through out my Treo! I just don?t want to be bombarded with emails all day. I set my agenda ? rather than just reacting to incoming emails.
  • 6. Have allocated meeting times in the diary for all one on ones (then people don?t need to interrupt you.)
  • 7. I never use messenger at work (actually ever)
  • 8. I use a head set when talking on the phone
  • 9. I use two monitors
  • 10. I always have a water bottle on my desk ? and usually a jar of almonds too ? I need brain food.

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