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Naomi Simson TV appearances

I sound like I am try to sell a used car… Actually I’m not trying to sell anything… if there is one thing I have learned it is people need to choose to buy¬† – and in this case need to choose to ‘play’.

As I have been touring around for Small Business Victoria and at other recent events, when I encourage people to join us in the tank for the next series of Shark Tank… many times I would hear the response… “but what if I make a ‘dill’ of myself… ?”

The point is you will not make a fool of yourself if you have done a little work… and there are plenty of blog posts we the Sharks have written to let people know what we are looking for.

As I have said many times “If it is easy everyone would do it.” But if you have an idea, a start up, or a business that would greatly benefit from national exposure, and investors who have done it before, and know how to grow businesses… Then why would you not give it a ‘crack’? Nothing ventured, nothing gained… as they say.

And just pointing out that we the Sharks are so not scary – but they could hardly call the program “bunny rabbit tank’ – just does not have the same ring to it…

Anyway I had a little more time to to explain the benefits on Studio 10…. take a look below – I feel very privileged to be a part of putting #AussieInnovation on centre stage. Join the casting tour now…


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  1. Hi Naomi
    My birthday present request this year was a ticket to Ballarat to listen to you speak with the Small Business Victoria festival which I found very inspiring. I did get the chance to speak to you briefly and you said to contact you through your blogspot. I am a textile Designer and have recently designed a new product which I applied to go on The Shark tank with but my application was unsuccessful. I have so many things I would like to show you and I am looking for someone who would be interested in marketing and helping me to get my business to another level. I am really hoping that I can have the opportunity to meet with you to get some advice from you. I recently exhibited at Decor and Design in Melbourne and met up with Jen Menz from The Wallpaper Co. She has printed my Lyrebird design on to wallpaper and it looks fantastic. I hope that you will consider letting me show you my work as I feel it has lots of potential. I live on a sheep farm in a semi remote area and most of my designs are inspired from the natural bush surroundings. I look forward to hearing from you
    Kind regards
    Belinda Fraser

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