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I am regularly asked what is the ‘answer’, or ‘secret’ to your success. BRW just interviewed me for the launch of its Fast 100 program this year. This is the list I gave them.

Now having ‘really hard work’ as the first of ten is probably not going to sell magazines. But here are my top ten ‘rules’ of growth. And by the way, you cannot ‘fake it until you make it’. You cannot pretend any of these and think that people won’t notice…they do.

This list is in no particular order.

  • A platform and systems that are scalable – especially in the area of being customer centric.
  • Passion for what you do
  • Persistence, never giving up, it is more than a commitment it is being a believer
  • People, you have got to have a team of A graders
  • Process, Rhythm sets you free
  • Planning, know what to say ‘no’ to and live within the plan
  • Critical Numbers, what is the one thing that you must get right every day ? is it cash in the bank, conversion rates or profit per employee
  • Values, people can copy what you do but they cannot copy who you are
  • Purpose, knowing the difference you make every day, why you are in business.
  • A sense of fun, we can get all too serious, this does not mean silly or unprofessional, but if we are having fun our customers are having fun and that is the business that we are in.

What do you think are the characteristics of a successful business?

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  1. Naomi

    I have just come back from the SME Business Forum and had the privilege of meeting you (I was the ONLY other person there in all red, albeit cheeky tartan!). Thanks for sharing your words of wisdom and for introducing me into your wonderful, insightful, inspirational and RED world.

    Other characteristics of a successful business:
    Vision – without it you’re on a road to nowhere
    Tood – that is Attitude and it has to be the right one
    Leadership – Give yourself some credit here Naomi!
    Rewards – You’ve created a whole business around it!
    Reputation – and a good one at that… it’s something you can’t buy, but you can market it!

    Anita Caulfield

  2. An interesting list – and 7 out of 10 starting with ‘P’ ! Maybe Critical Numbers could become Parameters, and Values become Personality, but I can’t think of a P for fun. 🙂

  3. Naomi,

    Great list!

    One of the most inspirational managers I ever worked for – VP of Sales & Marketing used to talk about about the "Keys to the Kingdom". The one that always stuck out in my mind was "Always align your personal and professional goals". He fostered a company culture that supported this.

    Patty Gilchrist

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