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Small Business Social Media

Small Business Social Media

I am often asked by business people “why do you tweet and blog – what business benefit does it deliver? Aren’t you putting yourself ‘out there’ a bit too much?”

There are many reasons why I do what I do. I blog because I am in the fortunate position of learning, reading or experiencing something new almost every day.

I collect information and I need to keep it somewhere. So I thought I may as well share what I have learned or what is on my mind

So I thought I may as well share what I have learned or what is on my mind on a blog.

Tweeting for me is different – it is about being a lone voice that combined with millions of others is a true voice of the people.

Example: the movie Bruno got great pre-launch press, people who saw the movie opening weekend tweeted their opinion – faster than any critic – and the voice of the people had cast its vote. The movie was not considered all it was cracked up to be.

Then, I use Facebook on a personal level.

RedBalloon also delves into social media with Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and Flickr. In today’s world, both big and small business social media presence is a must.

It might not be mainstream media, but it is authentic.

I have teenagers and I don’t want to get to a point where they consume information and connect in a way that I have no idea about. I’m not that past it!

Why’s it important? Because everyone is on a level playing field, meaning opinions matter. See, for example, this disengaged employee’s impact.

How are you using social media for your small business?

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  1. thank you Naomi for highlighting the rising of social media in that fabulous video from YouTube – I am forwarding it on to all the doubting baby boomers I know!

  2. Great vid… outstanding statistics.

    Social Media is a way of life – it burst into our lives with an amazing pace, and we’ve embraced it. The older we get the more fear we have from the unknown, lets thank the fearless teens for embracing technology.

    I use social media for both personal and business, but part of me – like you Naomi – is doing my best to stay on the pulse just so I can keep up with the youth. As Homer Simpson once said "I was once with it… and then THEY changed what IT was." I’m keen to see how social media progresses in the next 5 years.

    Denis @ $30 <a href="">date ideas</a>

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