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Carolyn Stafford’s new book (launched on Friday) has 33 marketing actions a small business could take to build its brand.

Here are just four:

  • Pinch ideas from big brands – what do organisations you admire do well? Then copy it.
  • Create a knock-out visual brand – every piece of communication – even invoices are an opportunity to brand.
  • Create a great verbal brand – the language or style you use speaks very loudly about who you are. Is what you say the same as what all your people say?
  • Create a grand brand experience – using all the senses not just sight, sound and touch – but also remember smell and taste.

“A brand has to stand for something – even if it offends a few people,” Carolyn says “Branding is about emotion not about icons”.

Here is a very worthwhile read on building brands when you are a small business. Click on the book below for details.

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  1. Oh and Carolyn used this great quote " The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about at all" Oscar Wilde.

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