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Naomi Simson Shark Tank Season 1

It’s official – Australian’s love innovation… here is the announcement from Network TEN this morning… In summary Shark Tank Australia a ratings success, it’s captured the hearts and minds of the country – and Shark Tank will be back in 2016.


June 8, 2015.
Shark Tank To Return To TEN In 2016.

Network Ten is delighted to announce that Shark Tank will return to TEN in 2016 for a second series.

The show that boasted a plethora of Australian inventions proved not only a hit with viewers, but also saw 30 deals offered to Australian entrepreneurs, totalling close to $7 million.
It was Shark Andrew Banks who made the thriftiest deal of the series, with just a $2 outlay for 50% equity in the half-hamburger, half-hotdog business Hamdog.

Other exceptional ideas tipped to enjoy success with backing from the Sharks include the pocket-size Scrubba Wash Bag; pegs with hooks business Hegs Pegs; sports-themed, push-down bottle openers Bottle Pops; and Ruby & Ollie’s All Abilities Child Care (previously called Hummingbirds), which runs daycare centres for children with special needs.

The first season of Shark Tank reached 8.5 million viewers, achieved an average weekly capital-city audience of 793,000 (first-run and encore episodes, excluding the season one finale on June 7) and had 2.4 million video views on tenplay.

Network Ten Chief Programming Officer, Beverley McGarvey, said: “We are delighted with how the first season of Shark Tank performed. It showcased myriad brilliant ideas and inventions, and was a true celebration of Australians’ talent and entrepreneurial spirit. From the crazy and hilarious to the inspiring and innovative, the ideas and products presented by Shark Tank each week were a great testament to the passion and determination of Australians. “Shark Tank generated strong ratings for TEN and was a big hit on our digital platform tenplay and on social media. It routinely trended at #1 on Twitter, for example, and attracted new social media followers week in, week out. “Our sharks – Janine Allis, Andrew Banks, Steve Baxter, John McGrath and Naomi Simson – have become household names and Sarah Harris was a great host. We cannot wait to see what season two of Shark Tank brings,” she said.

Based on Sony Pictures Television’s hit global format, Shark Tank is produced by Shine Australia for Network Ten and will return to TEN in 2016.

I will also be promoting the link of how to apply to be an entrepreneur pitching for season 2 to air in 2016…

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  1. It’s great to hear the Shark Tank made it to another year. Yay!

    Now Naomi, I know your not the producer of the show but… I have this fanciful notion that it would be cool if you managed to JV (Joint Venture) a couple of contestants who clearly have complimentary businesses.

    Let me explain…

    For instance one contestant has mastered managing foodtrucks but their product doesn’t get them over the line and yet another entrepreneur has a brilliant product that lacks a solid distribution channel.

    Now, these contestants air back to back on the show and a “Shark’ (you of course) calls the other entrepreneur back on and then you do a THREE way deal. Wow!

    Would this be a first? Perhaps this already happens in the back-rooms, but doing it on the show, would make for interesting viewing IMHO.

    Anyway looking forward to seeing what you bring to the table next year.

    All the Best


  2. I love the show I will be there this year for sure I am ready .I want to see the new schedule ?

  3. Great show – much enjoyed. BUT- please ditch the music – not needed to engender excitement

    And Definately not needed if we are to hear what everyone has to say, PLEASE !!

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