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Shark Tank Season Three Episode 9

Shark Tank Season Three Episode 9 on TEN

Tuesdays seem to roll around so quickly! We’re back in the Tank and first up we have…

Franki + Seoul

Jayme and Jenny are identical twins who emigrated with their family to Australia when they were 9 years old. They tell us that Korean beauty technology is 12 years ahead of the rest of the world and that they are looking at capitalising on this trend. Both women have given up their careers, moved back home with their parents to bootstrap their business. They’re asking for 35K for 12% in the business valuing the company at $292k. But as such a young company will the Sharks bite?

Just Jerky

Well packaged, this husband and wife team are passionate about protein. Elias and Elisa founded an all natural beef jerky company and are after a $75k investment for 20% equity in their company.  They’re already in hundreds of stores and their vision is to be stocked in 5000 stores within 3 years. Their packaging is great, their commitment unquestioned… but is it a scalable business?

Code Space Education

Joshua has created after school and holiday school programs to teach people how to code! Delivered by teachers and trained professionals, our 16 year old founder Joshua is ready to leave school to throw himself completely into his enterprise.

Pocket Balls

Barbara has an idea about keeping people warm — reusable heat packs…. she has a bit of traction but is really looking for a major distribution partner. The idea is simple but is it unique enough and can it get traction?

SLD Space

This team of 16 year old girls from Perth have an idea of creating a safe community for students and parents of kids with a variety of learning difficulties. Their pitch is perfect, their vision is big — they’re an inspiration for their generation, and older generations too.

Wish U Were Here Dolls

Lauren and her daughter came into the Tank to pitch her customised dolls that she sewed by hand! With many children being separated from their parents — whether they are in the armed forces, or away on business — this founder has created a great solution. The cushion dolls with a picture of their loved one on the front can be delivered anywhere. Lauren is seeking $25k for a 20% stake in her company valuing it at $125k… will the Sharks bite?


Last up we have Roland and Matej, who have already launched five studios that offer electronic muscle stimulation providing a 20 minute intense fitness session. They’ve come to the Tank after $280k for 10% equity in their business. The duo believe they will have 25 studios within 3 years, this could prove a very big business is a short space of time…

The thing about entrepreneurship is that I know what it’s like — it’s tough. That is why I enjoy helping entrepreneurs where I can. Whether it’s in my business community, through my online course ‘Building Your Business Brand’ or simply answering your business questions, that is part of my purpose — helping you build your dreams.

So, that’s it for another week! See you on the screens next Tuesday.

Images courtesy of Network Ten.


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