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shark tank australia

Shark Tank Australia

We were very excited to hear yesterday that Shark Tank has been nominated for ‘Best Reality Program 2016’ in the TV Week Logies.  If you believe in Aussie Innovation and want to support small businesses – please take a moment to vote for our show  (Voting closes 18 Dec but you may as well take the 10 minutes now).

We are also pleased that Channel Ten announced a few weeks ago that we would be returning in 2017 for Series 3.  We have been back in the tank this week and how fantastic it is to have the gang back together. It is not a love fest mind… in fact if there is a deal to be done we don’t mind having a crack at each other…but we are not alone.

I understand that Channel Ten’s Shark Tank Australia is one of 26 franchises produced in different geographies. Known as Dragon’s Den in the UK it was originally created in Japan as Tigers of Money. Shark Tank US is now in its seventh season. Shark Tank Australia first aired in Australia in February 2015 and series 2 in 2016. The third series is currently in production ready for airing in 2017

Since joining the team the Channel Ten team for Shark Tank Australia I now find myself in the privileged position of being ’pitched’ regularly they come from any age and from anywhere Such as the lovely Barbara from Adelaide – at 86 she just had to share with someone her idea for keeping a house clear of dog hair…  In total, I have received via email (i.e. not counting the one’s I get in person) 10 pitches per week – representing ideas from high heeled shoes that changed colour as you changed outfits, to a product trying to change the face of free range chicken farms forever. These emails ranged from ideas dreamed up at the pub, through to products with trademarks seeking capital investment.

Alas it is too late to join the casting tour for 2017… but if you are thinking about starting an enterprise here are some things to consider.

Do you have an idea, a vision or you simply want to be your own boss? Do you want to be an entrepreneur, lead a business, create something truly worthwhile and valuable or perhaps you want to make the world a better place.

In fact the five biggest reasons why people think they want to start a business are:

  • I want to do what I love
  • I want to make a fortune
  • I want to ‘live the dream’
  • I want to be my own boss
  • My idea is brilliant everyone will buy it.

You might have friends or family who run a business and you think some do it well and others don’t seem to. You have seen high profile entrepreneurs talking about how they overcame obstacles to create his or her enterprise – and you dream that that might one day be you.

You think that perhaps they might be very clever, or they thrive on taking risks – you are not sure if you are that person. After all you have worked long and hard for what you are already doing in your life – you might have a secure job or a mortgage – both of which make you think that maybe the idea you have should stay on the shelf until one day when you have plenty of time, energy and money you could get started on creating a business.

If you have ever thought about running your own business then read on. I’ll help you establish what is your best way forward; are you cut out to be an entrepreneur, how do you know if the life of toil is the sort of life that you want to have? I’ll share not just from my personal experience but for the stories of the many, founders that I have worked with, mentored, coached, invested in or sometimes dragged kicking and screaming on their journey.

Then there is getting ready for launch… getting your pitch right, understanding what a pivot is, knowing all the things that you need to consider in starting a business. What about funding, finance and cash. Money is to business what breathing is to life… understanding before launch what your key numbers will be will help you make the decision about whether to proceed or not.

Perhaps if any of this resonates with you we may well see you in 2018 with your idea, innovation or start up ready to scale with a Shark Tank investor to assist.

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