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There are still so many ideas, businesses and concepts that are coming before us. Each time those doors open I wonder – “What will I learn about this time?” With every pitch we learn not just about a different industry or market – we also learn more about people and what drives them. We get to witness passion and persistence in action – and tonight’s episode was no exception. Here are my notes from when I was on set.

Hipsta – Nice design, fun logo – committed and passionate people. This is a little device that you can  use to attach a water bottle to anything. It looked good – could work well in the promotional goods  space. However it could also be a single product company. This makes a great in expensive promotional product. I come back to the question do these people want to run an enterprise or do they want to be inventors.

Screen Shot 2015-05-08 at 8.34.06 amFlexsillid  – There are people who dream and people who do – this man so believes in his product ‘lids for catering trays’ that are water tight and non stick that he has put $700k into the project. Albert was a larger than life character who is so focused  – but sometimes persistence may be perceived as pig headedness. Sales were going in the wrong direction – there were plenty of questions to find out it’s true market potential

PottyTraining – Entertaining, passionate but I was really confused about what Tracy and Lorn where       trying to do – franchising or product development. But apparently people are putting off potty training –   I instantly thought of them as environmentalists – saving all that landfill if parents got their children  trained earlier. By background industrial designers.  Well produced and a profitable business… but do they really want an investor – or would they be better off keeping it as a lifestyle business.

Synxsole – Rachel and Marie spent ten years as podiatrists – 3 years as inventors – they are looking to disrupt the shoe insert market – with both a professional and consumer product. There is no doubt these  women know the market, know what works – they have had great initial success – and are set for mass distribution now. The US is an endless market of opportunity.



Great episode, we clearly had a great time, and are deeply curious about where innovation comes from. It was wonderful to see the ongoing ingenuity and innovation from Australian businesses. Keep Growing!

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