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I feel flattered every time that someone contacts me to ask if I will mentor or coach them… I’m involved with a number of programs where I can support start-ups and entrepreneurs on their journey – but, literally, I do not have enough hours in the day to meet the requests that I have to mentor people one-on-one.

My Shark Tank invested companies get one-on-one mentoring as part of being successful on the program – this could be a way to go if you wanted to join the next season casting tour. A bit of a long shot I suspect, but we have come up with another way that could work.

You may have had a read of my books Live What You Love and / or Ready To Soar – perhaps you have more questions – or simply are looking for a bit more guidance, development, and insights. The team and I have been trying to work out how I can do more to support entrepreneurs, share what I have learned – with a bit of mentorship – but I needed to put some process around it.

I’ve found a way.

Together with some other entrepreneurs such as Caroline Creswell, Adrian Giles and Emma Isaacs we are working together with BSchool to provide entrepreneurship education and mentorship.

Having sat with one of my Shark Tank entrepreneurs last week – I felt bereft that I could not pass on all my years of experience quickly… Needing them to work smarter, not harder, I wish that they had done this Diploma of Business some time ago – but better late than never.

Leaders learn – and leaders must invest in his or her own education. Life, business, and especially the world of entrepreneurs, is not getting any easier.

Take a moment to see if this is for you… Click here for details. I look forward to welcoming you to the program…


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  1. Hello Naomi
    I’m in the exciting beginning stages of branding my business ‘InSpired Humanity’.

    I’ve been enjoying following business leaders like yourself on Instagram and digesting as much knowledge as possible.

    I realise the enormous VALUE in having mentors and being open and engaged to learn as much as I possibly can.
    I look forward to continuing my adventures in business and with the amazing people I’m lucky enough to meet within my industry.

    I’ve enjoyed connecting with you Naomi and will continue to watch and learn via your Insta etc..

    With warm regards
    Laura Canning

    Insta / inspired.humanity
    Fb / Inspired Humanity

  2. Hi, I have become familiar with your work from the usual channels – Sharktank, Red Balloon. I find your positive approach very refreshing. I am in the process of building a digital marketing agency here in Tasmania and I strive to be ‘different’ to the generic operators in this space. It is difficult to gain a foothold, especially in Launceston which is a bit ‘quiet’ in some respects!
    I am encouraged by your example. Thank you.

  3. Hi David,

    Thank you so much for reaching out, and congratulations on what you have achieved so far!

    I would be more than happy to continue the discussion around being a guest on your show, but I will need to re-connect next year – giving you time to establish your show and see what works best for your audience; and I will have filmed the next season of Shark Tank by then and there might be more conversation that we can tap into.

    Wishing you the best.

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