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I took my daughter to hear me speak yesterday at the Networks Leadership event. I had a good time, I’m not sure if she did. I was there to speak on Leadership and ‘the growth story’. I asked her what she thought – and she said ‘it was just a bunch of old stories you told them’. There was great business questions, about brand differentiation in a competitive market, one about competitive strategies another about supplier relations.

One guy asked if I always wear red. And I answered ‘Yes’. But that is not the exact truth. I often wear red when I’m out and about but rarely at the office and never at home. I had never worn it until about a year ago and someone said…’oh is red part of the branding?’ Not really… I just like it.

The other morning I asked my daughter to get into her uniform ready for school..she said ‘you go and get into your red uniform Mum.’

Thanks to Amit Moas (i2iphotography – 0416 023 444) for sending through the photo’s. I liked this one..the other ones were far more refined.

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