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There is lots of speculation about what 2009 will look like. Some are saying ‘how can we plan – if we have no idea what the economy will be doing?’

The question I ask is would you rather be a driver of your destiny, or take what you are given?

We run online surveys on the home page and we asked the question this week “Do you have a New Years Resolution?” The results were as you would expect:

    • • Be more healthy 39%


    • • Spend more time with family/friends 16%


    • • Get more organised 15%


    • • Do more, eat more, rest more 11%


    • New Years Resolutions are made to be broken 16%

I wonder what the answer would be if we asked business type questions… say

    • • Be more profitable?


    • • Spend more time understanding my people?


    • • Get more organised  – and manage more efficiently?


    • • Do more with less and get a better result?


    • Are plans made to be broken?

Each year at 11.00 am on the 31st of December my husband and I sit and outline our plan for the year; (it is a date in the diary) what we want to achieve professionally, personally and as a family.

This year I have set some challenging tasks for myself from learning mediation to developing a new business initiative. So even though we have no idea what the world might look like at the end of the decade. I plan to be in the driving seat. For me plans are the road map – so I know where I’m going and more importantly, I remind myself why I’m doing it.

Have a wonderful time creating 2009.


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