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RedBallooners say Thank You by "Paying in Forward"
We are now on the final countdown as we rush into Christmas. I don’t seem to have many minutes to rub together, so as I race from one thing to the next I steal a moment to reflect on what an amazing year we are having at RedBalloon – how fantastic it is that we will continue to be frantically busy until 2.00pm on Sunday when people sit down to Christmas lunch – and then the RedBalloon elves will also sit back, relax and marvel and how many people we made a difference to this year.

Friends have commented “RedBalloon is everywhere this Christmas” – and I have answered by saying “we need to be”. It is important for us to remind people of the power of a great gift – how giving the gift of an experience creates the opportunity of sharing great memories with that person. It is up to us to change gifting in Australia forever.

At this time I also reflect how fortunate I am, how lucky we are at RedBalloon – and to remember that we did not do it alone. So as I think how can I show my appreciation to all those who have helped me – perhaps I could ‘pay it forward’…

I am often contacted by entrepeneurs, business owners and professionals seeking a mentor. And I have tended to take an adhoc approach to these requests. The writing of this blog and the book some years ago – together with my speaking, there are plenty of ways that I share what I have learned. Sometimes people have a burning question – something that they just need a sounding board for…mentoring does not have to be a long term relationship.

So I was thinking what could I do to provide a more formal ‘Mentoring’ program. That would be fun, inspiring, educational and life changing. So I came up with the idea of hosting a mentoring weekend.

On 27 April 2012 at one of the RedBalloon Getaway locations a weekend for eight people (and their partners )who have burning questions. We could have round tables, one on one time – themed dinners. (I imagine there will be pre reading – so we are all on the same page)…

Any way if you think it is a good idea, or you would be interested and want to know details – send me an email via this blog by 16 Jan (I am wanting to ascertain if this is something that would be of interest)… also in your email you might want to mention why you would want to attend such an event.

So as we say ‘Good Bye’ to 2011 – Let’s think about all those people we need to thank for assisting us on the journey – and begin to create what 2012 will be.

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  1. Oh, yes please! Naomi, this is a terrific idea.
    As you know, I frequently refer to you as my Virtual Mentor due to your inspirational blog, values, dignity and humour, but it is the energy and enthusiasm you exude when meeting you in person that is uplifting.
    Congratulations on RedBalloon being everywhere this Christmas! My mother is a worthy recipient of one of your For Her gift catalogues. Thank you so much.
    Wishing you a safe festive season filled with Happy Days, Di

  2. OMG yes please!!! This is an awesome idea… I LOVE reading your blogs & hearing your perspective on various topics. To have the opporunity to hear more, and spend time doing this would be amazing. My partner and I have an opportunity next year to change the way we approach life and our careers rsepectively, so to learn from you and hear more about your experiences would set us up to be ready to take a ‘leap of faith’! Have a happy festive season!!

  3. Great idea Naomi! I have just sent you an email and look forward to receiving the info etc.
    Have a great Xmas and thanks for the great blog this year!
    Best wishes,

  4. Wow, what an opportunity, and as I sit here and go over the results of our recent employee survey (Aon Hewitt) I can only imagine how much I could learn and put to fantastic use… Have a great Christmas and New Year. Peace to all!!

  5. Naomi this is a great opportunity that you are offering up! I know both my partner and I would be there with a long list of questions and also ideas that we’d be very excited to bounce of you and the other participants! Happy New Year

  6. Hi Naomi,
    A mentoring weekend sounds like a fantastic idea! Would relish the opportunity!
    Having come from an industry which has been very much a ‘boys club’, there were very few, if any, women in senior management. Mentors, especially females, were pretty non existent & I would love to be involved in discussion to encourage others that they too could break the glass ceiling. Would love to be able to participate in your mentoring weekend.
    Thanks for asking for feedback.
    Wishing you & the team at Red Balloon every happiness & success for 2012!
    🙂 Belinda

  7. Hi Naomi,

    What a fabulous opportunity. I have only recently come accross your blog and look forward to referring to it frequently in the future for inspiration and ideas. I am currently feeling a lack of inspiration around me in my workplace and am looking to re-energise our leadership in 2012 to help take our team to the next level.

  8. Hi Naomi,

    Women in business continue to be the shining light in the current market and it’s your commitment and dedication to highlighting this through your personal and professional successes that is an inspiration.

    I recently read a quote from Tom Peters that went along the lines “My “business” is haranguing business leaders about my fact-based conviction that women’s increasing power–leadership skills and purchasing power–is the Strongest and Most Dynamic Force at work in the American Economy today”. This emphasises the growing and substantial impact women in business are having.

    It is opportunities like this one that will continue to build foundations, create networking opportunities, enable sharing of experiences and ultimately secure the longevity of women in business.

    I currently work as a Marketing Manager in a very male dominated industry. I am working on my “Board” of mentors and this would be a great starting point for me to gain some direction in my personal and professional development.

    Thank-you for this opportunity – I look forward to hearing more about it.

    Kind Regards,

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