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So many people from everywhere I go, whether it be work related or social, comment on the sale of YouTube to Google. People remark on how amazing it is, and then begin to ponder…”what is the next big thing? What could I invent that would attract such global attention?” they ask quizzically.

Well if we had the answer by definition it would not be it. What is the formula for success? There is no formula ? the only way to look at an idea is… “would I tell my friends about it?”

Imagine creating such a phenomenal success – yet traditional media had nothing to do with it. No big media spend involved. YouTube didn’t advertise on TV or in the press. No wonder Murdoch snatched MySpace as soon has he could! Murdoch wants to stay in the media game, but media will look nothing like it has for the past 50 years. It is us, the consumer, who are inventing how we want to be communicated to.

We’d all love to invent the next YouTube or write the next DaVinci Code ? the reality is that copy cats are always ‘me too’s’. The sequel never makes as much as the original movie.

There are plenty more original ideas out there. There just is no formula for success.

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  1. First of all, many thanks, Naomi, for the inspirational thoughts in your blog. I always look forward to finding your email, announcing another entry. I am a fairly new entrepreneur, setting up my first of 5 innovative projects. In all cases, these are products or services I myself wished would exist because they would enrich or simplify my life, which happens to be that of a global nomad. So, the first step is my rough solution to a problem or an unmet need. Then, I check whether the solution is really feasible; that is, I play the devil’s advocate or, better yet, a consumer advocate. Does my solution add value? After that, I check whether a profit can be made. Then, I try to refine my solution. All this may take a day or two of research and reflection. I agree that there is no formula. But it seems that the more disruptive the innovation, the better chance there is for it to go viral.

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