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Last week I attended Verne Harnish’s Growth Summit here in Sydney. It was great to get a shot in the arm – ie inspirational learnings. We have implemented so much of Verne’s Rockefeller habits over time. In fact, Verne shot some video of how we have applied this to our business, which I share in future blogs

I went specifically to have two questions answered.

  1. How do I continue to play a bigger game – without fear of the economic climate?
  2. What if…? How do we ask the right questions to ensure that we stay nimble and responsive as we grow?

I share with you a few clear takeaways.

  • Our job [as CEO] is to keep delivering ideas to the business – so we must keep learning – We must spend time learning especially in tough times.
  • What is the right question to be asking? Fewer statements more questions will reveal the way forward.
  • Talk less – Listen more
  • If you can’t measure it you can’t manage it.
  • Whoever has the best intelligence quickest wins – ie spotting trends quickly
  • What is the number 1 thing we are focusing on for the trimester/quarter
  • It must stay absolutely true and in alignment with the BHAG – is everyone playing for the same BHAG?
  • What will block the competition from entering our marketplace – the x factor (What do we hate about this industry or the way business is done – what are we prepared to take on that no one else in the industry will?)
  • How can we reduce the cost of acquisition of a customer ten fold?
  • How can we reduce the cost to serve, but increase the customer experience?
  • Marketing is the key to continued growth – marketing is about acquiring relationship
  • You can’t have great customer relationships without highly engaged people
  • Who is accountable in the business for customer advocacy?
  • Whoever taps into the most brains wins
  • Do we listen for our black swan moment? Where will the ‘big idea come from?
  • How do we capture ideas from customers consistently – “I’m not smart enough alone!” – Michael Dell on
  • How many outbound customers calls do senior leaders make spontaneously each week?

An insight into growth opportunities in a downturn:

    • “I will not accept the explanation of a recession negatively affecting the [new] business. There are still people travelling. We just have to get them to stay in our hotels.”

Horst Schulze – Ritz Carlton.

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  1. Thanks Naomi, This is such a Great reminder to do the stuff that counts! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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