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Naomi Simson

How exciting that Business Chicks and my publisher Harlequin have teamed up to help me take “Live What you Love” to the largest community of it’s type in Australia. There could not be a better place for me to tell the story about discovering passion and a deep sense of purpose.

People perhaps look at me and say ‘Wow – she has it ‘all'”. I believe holding oneself out to be super human is not the key to a sense of harmony and well being, let alone joy. I have seen people (and done it myself) push, push, push as they pursue – the best, the fastest, the latest – or a bigger pay packet only to discover his or her sense of well being and happiness seems not to have improved at all. I know that starting a business is definitely not for everyone – and I want to share so much about making ‘powerful’ informed choices about where we spend our most valuable resource – our time.

I have been a member of Business Chicks for close to a decade – part of a very special community and over the years my dear friend Emma Isaacs (CEO and entrepreneur behind Business Chicks) has had me present at a number of events around the country on my entrepreneurial journey – but I won’t be talking about that at all.

I am delighted that Business Chicks has purchased on behalf of everyone attending a copy of the book – so everyone will leave these events on the same ‘page’ – (love the pun) – with the tools to help them on that journey of choosing their path – rather than having it choose them.

I would love to meet you there – come with questions – I know there will be time for books to be signed too…. and by then Shark Tank Australia will have started on Channel Ten – so I will be able to share some of the inside stories on that too – oh and there are plenty.

Below are the dates and locations:

Emma and I at CommBanks Women in Focus conference in 2014
Emma and I at CommBanks Women in Focus conference in 2014

5 March 2015: Perth Breakfast

6 March 2015: Adelaide Breakfast (join us for international women’s day)

10 March 2015: Brisbane Breakfast

10 March 2015: Gold Coast Lunch

11 March 2015: Melbourne Breakfast (come and help celebrate my mum’s birthday – she will be there)

12 March 2015: Sydney Breakfast

13 March 2015: Canberra Breakfast

If you can come to the event you wont need to buy a copy – but if none of the dates work for you – feel free to order a copy here


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