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I was speaking at a Clarius Recruitment event last week – and I always love learning few new facts especially when it is something I am passionate about.

As you know I believe not enough employers use R.E.D. (Recognition Every Day)… and as a result the researchers tell us that 10s of billions of dollars disappear from lost productivity.

Ernst & Young Productivity Pulse claims that as much as $308 billion evaporates from the Australian economy annually as a result of people being ‘disengage’ ie they hate their employer – and will do anything to disrupt them.

80% of all Australian employees say that they could be more productive in their roles…. and they blame four things for ‘not doing their best work’.

  1. Staff engagement (ie if others around them hate working their it is hard to do their best work – disengagement is infectious)
  2. Well Being
  3. Motivation
  4. Work place recognition.

Logic would tell us that all four reasons are intertwined. At RedBalloon we say people are far more likely to do their best work if

“People know what they are there to do, they feel part of something bigger than themselves, some one notices their contribution and they go home feeling like a winner.”

People management issues (ie bad managers) have the biggest impact on engagement. Employees want to be able to respect their manager or supervisor – to believe in them, trust them, be inspired by them.

Think what are you doing today at your workplace…. if you are not doing your best work, perhaps you could encourage your HR team or other leaders to attend the Inspired Ideas workshops – in Melbourne and Sydney. One by one I’m committed to transforming Australian workplaces – join me.

What can you do about these things now! A little recognition goes a long way.
What can you do about these things at your work place. A little recognition could help!

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