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I actually like being the age I am… You just know so much more than you once did. I know my teenagers look at me and think ‘she’s so old’ but I wouldn’t be a teenager again for quids. I have looked at photographs of my ancestors and wondered if they would think the same thing. What would they make of all this internet and smartphones – The only thing we have left of them is a single photograph.

I’m often asked ‘what is my favorite experience?’ And I retort ‘how could a mother have a favorite child?’ Each RedBalloon experience is too different to have a special one – how can you compare the fun of a cooking class to the thrill of skydiving. Both of course give you plenty of stories to tell. A professional portrait photograph also tells a story.

I thought it a good idea to experience another completely different type of experience. Recently I did the ‘Portrait and Digital Art Photography Session’ I gathered together three different outfits and went to have a ‘not so corporate’ photo shoot done. It was a really fun experience, and this memory may well last beyond my years.

I did my best to relax. I thought of all my ancestors who with just one photo left of them and I wondered if there was just one photo to hand on to the next generation, which look would l choose?



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  1. Naomi, you’re beautiful and so all the photos look great. My fave though is hand on chin one. You look centred and soft. That’s my few cents worth 😉

  2. Oooh shucks thanks Suzi – that is the point of a professional shoot – they do make you look your best… see you soon Naomi

  3. There is a lot to be said about being yourself – especially with all the flakiness demonstrated in reality TV at the moment, your authentic and that shines through, you have a youthful spirit which keeps you young. We need more role models for the next generation of women, with the same values and dynamism that you have. You look amazing as always Naomi! – I wonder how many of your ancestors and followers will look back and review this blog in years to come – I hope many.

  4. Thanks Kasey you say the nicest things… but truly it is such a privileged to have the role I now have… and as you well know – I did not do it on my own. I’m just a conduit for all those talented people around me.


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