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My Hamilton Island - Mini Break

I was just taking a moment to reflect on how amazing my week was last week. I feel pretty lucky to be invited to Hamilton Island as a speaker. Literally a few hours from Sydney and I am on a tropical island – sipping a cocktail.

I bumped into some friends whilst I was there and they mentioned that they fly to Hamilton Island every 3 weekends or so for a four day weekend. They said while it sounds ‘luxurious’ the reality is with direct flights – and discount airfares – it simply just is not that much more than driving to south coast NSW from Sydney.

Whilst I was on the island of course I took the opportunity to familiarize myself with the range of experiences that RedBalloon has listed (there will be more coming soon too) – I’m glad to see that RedBalloon do have short stays listed at the Beach Club which is where I stayed with the Corporate RedBalloon team last visit – So I can attest to the fact that when you stay here – you instantly feel relaxed and in holiday mode.

One of my other favorite, completely indulgent (but life is short) experiences is the Helicopter Picnic on Whitehaven.

I left after my few days on Hamilton Island thinking – how lucky Australians are to have paradise so close, we can take a mini break at a tropical Island.

Sometimes just reflecting for a few moments and being grateful for our experiences and the things we have around us is enough to give us a sense of peace and harmony. Of course that is a bit easier on a mini-break.

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