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I’m quite the movie buff, though rarely do I get a chance to see them in the cinema.

I know I work hard, and that what my family has now has been earned, built and created by my husband and I based on years of hard work. But I was recently left considering how far would I go. What would I do for my children?

The movies that often resonate with most are those based on true stories. North Country is one that stands out, Omagh another and Capote.

But in terms of entrepreneurial journeys Will Smith (and his real son Jaden) in Pursuit of Happyness, is vivid, based on the true story of Chris Gardner. I was left wondering how far would I really go to achieve what I set out to do.

Tim Pethick (of Nudie Juice fame) describes being an entrepreneur like being a clown punching bag… no matter what hits us we keep popping up. I asked him once, what happens if I just don’t get up one time. He responded ‘Well you wouldn’t be an entrepreneur then….that’s what it is to be an entrepreneur we just keep going.’

People often ask me about ‘success’ they want me to define ‘the one thing…’ The answer ‘hard work’ just is not that interesting for most people. There are no short cuts.

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  1. hard work is definitely one element. I think ‘passion’ and ‘attitude’ are other key elements to entrepreneur success.

  2. Hi Naomi, The Pursuit of Happyness was also one of the most moving stories I have ever seen. I agree that people need reminding of the hard work and commitment it takes to fulfil your dreams. What I loved about Chris Gardeners story is his personal ethics and values are what drives his commitment and success. It was never about the pursuit of wealth or material things. It was about being the best role model he could be, achieving the most he could to give his son a better life and being the best man he could be. There are so many lessons in this movie and so much inspiration – it is definately a must see!

    By the way, I had the pleasure of listening to you speak on the 1/8/07 (I was the one who had to leave early – very sorry!). I bought your book as I was gutted at missing the end of your talk. We found you so inspiring we would love to have you come and speak for us at a team meeting so our team can be inspired to be the best they can be! Thanks!

    Kind Regards, Penny O.

  3. Hi Naomi

    What an amazing story!!!!! This movie excites me. The potential that is within all of us is shown by Chris Gardner’s story of determination, to be his version of the greatest vision he held of himself and that really is a beautiful thing. The journey of struggle makes the achievement so sweet, that is the greatest lesson I have learned in creating my business.
    Thankyou so much for your inspiring story too, I was at the WIMBN seminar today to hear you speak and greatly appreciate you confirming that we’re never finished and that’s OK!
    Bridget Allan – HOMESTAR Finance

  4. I am a huge fan of this movie as well. It was depicted in such a way that really made me take a look at my own life. It didn’t move at all while this movie played and it showed where you can go if your willing to do the ‘hard yards’ He did everything he could possibly do without being unmoral, underhanded or rude.

    I try to treat my own business with the same moral high grounds and do so because I have been in my customers shoes. I am the mother who has endured premature birth, pre eclampsia and months in a neonatal intensive care unit(NICU) with my baby just to be where we are today. When my daughter was born at 27weeks gestation and we struggled to find basic products like nappies, clothing, books gifts etc that were designed with a premature baby in mind i was very disappointed and quite upset about it. When searching for these items I was told ‘its not worth our time to stock that sort of stuff’ I make it ‘worth my time’ and have started a website that will provide everything you need in your journey. My website has evolved into a web portal now and is being greatly received by those who need it the most.

    I don’t know how many raised eyebrows i have received or comments like "hmmm why don’t you just put dolls clothes on them?" I know I am doing it for a greater cause and those who use my services are greatful for them too.

    A passion will lift you to great heights and the belief in yourself will always take you above and beyond.

    I think I will have to get along to one of your talks and purchase your book. It sounds really interesting.

    Kind regards,

    Fiona Dixon

    Moment by Moment

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