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Do you celebrate achievements ? How?

I was asked this question a few weeks ago at the Amcham event.

My team often laugh at me, they think I?d celebrate paint drying. I love a game, a score card, a celebration. I remember once someone explaining to me why it was important to keep a scorecard.

Imagine if ?beings? from another planet came to view a game of football. Would they question why people run back and forth, fall to the ground all in pursuit of a small piece of leather?

Without the understanding the rules and knowing the score, it all seems a bit pointless really.

I find it the same in our business. Find a game, is it the number of experiences we have live on the site, the number of people who subscribe to our newsletter, the number of experiences that people purchased, or maybe the number of published reviews ? which game? It doesn?t matter the game as long as it is in line with the overall purpose of the business.

Then have the celebration clearing articulated. Have the scorecard big and visible, have people being coached and playing full out.

But I also create games for my self. So I know where I?m up to. I don?t however seem to spend that much time personally in celebration mode. Because there is always another game to be played and I?m on to the next thing.

It is fun to play a game. but it is important to remember that it just a game, and there is always a new game to be played. So I don?t take my self to seriously.

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