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“The only thing that stands between you and what you want; is you…..” Gina Mollicone-Long.

I had the privilege of listening to Gina speak for the Entrepreneur Organization Sydney last night… 2.5 hours of fast paced – goal getting rather than goal setting. And out of context it is difficult to share the three points she covered:

  1. How the mind works,
  2. The process of getting a ‘breakthrough’ and fast achieving results.
  3. Tips and techniques to take control of your outcomes.

To understand these concepts it is probably worth reading one of her books that are available from the Canadian Greatness Group.

There were  four ideas that Gina presented which could neurologically assist manage ‘thoughts and feelings’ – and take control of the unproductive emotions. Of course these ‘tips’ have to be remembered and used in the moment that you experience these emotions. Gina stressed that the ability to manage these emotions will impact our ‘happiness’ and ability to achieve our goals quickly.

  1. Anxiety – which could be defined as a warning sign from the unconscious mind that something may not happen or turn out how you want it to. An antidote for this is to deeply imagine how you will feel, or experience life: – the colour, sounds, smell 15 minutes after you achieve the result… effectively imagining yourself living a successful outcome. Your experience of life will shift – anxiety can disappear.
  2. Stress – is a physical reaction to a situation…. do as your grandmother might have suggested – breath.
    • Taking six deep breaths in one minute will halt the physical response
    • Taking six deep breaths for 10 minutes and the stress will disappear and be replaced with a feeling of wellbeing.
  3. Fear – ie False Evidence Appearing Real. To calm your neurology get your mind working on two things at once… focus on a small point way in front of you with all your energy – and at the same time use your peripheral vision to see out of both left and right sides of your eyes at the same time… you are so busy doing this exercise the fear disappears because your poor little brain is too busy to entertain fear as well.
  4. Negativity – ever had the kids fight in the back seat of the car – and you react by feeling lousy? Ask your children to look up to the ceiling and smile. Neurologically you are helping them reset their negative thoughts… it is really hard to maintain and angry feeling when you are smiling – try it.

I found this insightful and useful – clearly there is more work to be done here and these tips and tricks are not useful unless they are practiced in the moment. But given my passion for happiness, having these tools available may help you focus on the great things and less on the negative experiences that ‘come at you’ every day.


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