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This year is off to a flying start and we are already seeing some very positive shifts. This is what I have already noticed. What have you found that is different this year than last?

1. Customer intimacy becomes reality – not only have we moved our language away from ‘call centers’ and ‘CRM’, to being all about ‘Customer Love’ – and creating brands people love. The focus on the customer experience will be fundamental to performance results – NPS (net promoter score) become integral to decision making – Social media is seen as a listening tool – and integrated into the overall ‘big data’ picture.
2. It is all about mobile – new technology, smarter, faster, sooner – Everything is instant. The notion of ‘work life’ balance will disappear and it will be replaced with the notion of a ‘fulfilled life’. The line between work and home continues to diminish.
3. Transparency and authenticity will win the day – there will be a massive shift from keeping employees away from social media – to encouraging the whole team to share the ‘love’ online in real time.
4. New financial models will be invented – the notion of ‘crowd funding’ and pre customer investors will continue. Australia’s interest rates are lower than in living memory – and whilst great for those businesses impressive enough that banks will consider lending to them. Investors will seek other ways to make money. People will risk small amounts to be a part of something big.
5. Unions will continue to be less relevant – and the notion of true teams will emerge. Teamwork will become central to the notion of ‘being a true Australian’. Teams will appreciate that without leadership and direction the opportunity to thrive will be diminished. There will be a massive decline in the notion of workers versus bosses… our thinking will mature to the notion that ‘we are all in this together’.

What do you see shifting in your workplace?

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  1. I see where the gift of experience in a business field would be indegrated with innovation
    Of youth and experiment.
    I agree with you like so many business people all over the world amalgamate.
    I would like to see that in Australia.
    I also have noticed the Australian way stand alone really belongs to dark ages.
    I am in the rag trade industry, my knowledge is like yeast the right ingredient and so much
    Could be passed on to make young business grow.
    Diffuculty ? Getting individual small operators to step out their comfortable zone and trully imbrace
    Change and believe in the talent within Australia.
    Piña Fiorenzal

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