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Naomi Simson speaker media interview

I did this interview with ABC News 24 sometime ago as part of a series produced on the economy for 2017 which aired this week. I’m happy with the outcome and have realised that there is a lot of really great information for start ups – budding entrepreneurs and those who will pitch to us at the ‘Shark Tank’ as part of Chanel Tens new show in 2015 in this interview. It is very clear that I talk about those people around us that we need to support us… especially peer to peer support like Entrepeneurs Organization.

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  1. Hello Naomi

    I have just returned to Australia after living abroad for 16 years. I am starting a business and would really like to watch this interview you did with ABC News 24. Unfortunately it is no longer available via the ABC. Could you post this interview to your Blog Website rather than the link.

    Thank you and Happy New Year

  2. Hello Naomi, yes as per Lisa’s request, are you able to send the link or the posting of the ABC interview as I only saw the end of it and would dearly view it completely?
    Many thanks,

  3. Hi Lisa and Lilian – it looks like iView has expired the content… I know that they only keep things current for a short time… If I find it somewhere else I will let you both know.

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