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Naomi Simson

Last week I learned a lot – things about mobile and eCommerce. I finished reading Abundance by Diamandis and Kotler… which I found completely inspiring. We had our company meeting which was hosted by the marketing team – and they chose a ‘Thank you’ theme… letting each team know how we all contribute to our marketing effort. (It gave me a chance to talk about the upcoming book.)

I did a presentation to RAMs and met the CEO, Melos Sulicich last week and was surprised to bump into him again at the end of the week during his ride in the Tour de Cure. (feel free to donate if you choose) The ride this year will raise another $2 million for cancer research. It is a fascinating how a bunch of Lycra clad individuals can come together with a single sense of purpose and create something so significant. When purpose meets action anything can happen.

This week:

Monday: Dinner with Simon Sinek – hosted by Business Chicks CEO Emma Isaacs
Simon Sinek Workshop with the leadership team, Lunch and learn with Sydney Sings founder Tania De Jong – and attend the first Sydney Sings session
Leadership Cooking Up a storm in preparation for the next RedBalloon painted picture document
Attend CEDA Lunch
: Work on personal promises

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