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Naomi Simson

Last week was too busy to even write what was coming up – apart from all the great RedBalloon events and meetings, we held the inaugural mentoring weekend in the Blue Mountains.

Over the 2 days and three nights we worked through the ‘Entrepreneurial Cookbook’, had one on one sessions and challenged each other to ‘what could the world look like’. I completely enjoyed getting to know – and experience the thrill of being inside other businesses. I was truly fascinated by how their business models worked, and how passion and determination has had such a big hand in the creation of their enterprises.

I’m excited to see how each of the participants puts into practice what they learned, discovered and experienced… we are going to regroup in a few months so we can check in on each other.

This week

Monday: One on One’s
Company Meeting – Speaking engagement for RAMS
EBusiness conference in Sydney
Final review of new book before printing
Work on personal promises (to participate in the RedBalloon On the Edge of Glory theme)

Reader Interactions


  1. What an absolute privilege it was to be a participant in your Inaugural Mentoring Retreat – a definite PIVOT both personally and for my business… A precious opportunity to spend quality time with amazing people and inspirational businesses owners.
    I never thought work could be such fun – haven’t laughed so hard for a very long time.
    Forever grateful to you Naomi, Philippa and all RedBallooners.

  2. What a great opportunity for small businesses to be apart of. The “Entrepreneurial Cookbook” was a great breakdown on how to build your business on a strong foundation of Values, Passion, Strengths and Purpose. Once you know what you really stand for as a person and a business, nothing can get in your way. I’m happy to be apart of a great network of new friends and mentors. Thank you for all the laughs and inspirations. My cheeks have not had a workout like that in several years.
    Thank you to Naomi and Phillipa for putting on a great event, especially the Cruise Director for entertaining us after hours 🙂
    The future is looking very Juicy……….and Bellagio! 🙂
    Always and forever, Lucy Lollio
    Juicy Jewels

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