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I have had a couple of weeks out of the office – I had a week in Perth – with three speaking engagements before heading to Amsterdam  (via a weekend in Paris with a long time girlfriend.) for the Entrepreneurs Organization conference. I found the event completely inspiring, insightful and educational – I will share in future blogs.

This week:

Arrive back to Sydney and have breakfast with Verne Harnish (he is in town delivering the Rockafeller Habits Program I highly recommend it for anyone looking for growth strategies.) I have a webinar for SmartCompany and I will be in Melbourne for a speaking engagement and then Friday it is school holidays – so I will slip off for five days of family time. I’m really looking forward to the celebratory breakfasts and dinners this week for the 17 people at RedBalloon who have been promoted to new roles….

A few quotes from the speakers in Amsterdam

“Dare to strike out and find new grounds” John Keating – Dead Poets Society

“You are not what you say – you are what you do” Severn Suzuki (grand daughter of David Suzuki she spoke at the RIO Earth Summit in 1992 at the age of 12)

“If you want to be seen as good – it is simple – just be good.” Severn Suzuki

“It is not about creating a company – it is about creating a movement.” Severn Suzuki

“No great things have ever been achieved by playing small.”


“I’m still confused but at a higher level.” Einstein

“The realm of what is possible lies within each of us. – The world is waiting.”

“Life is not a novel to be read but to be written.”

“If you can’t laugh at yourself you might be missing the best joke of all”

“Be passionate, love, dream big, be spontaneous, celebrate, go home and change the world” – EO Amsterdam


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