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Sometimes my weeks astound me with the sheer variety of what I get up to. I did a presentation on employee engagement entitled ‘you can’t do it on your own’ to the Independent Funeral Directors – I think we found each other equally fascinating.

I was in Melbourne – and surprised my daughter with a fabulous gift. Kissed goodbye by his lordship himself – there was lots of cooing, not just from my daughter but her school friends as well. Now Dexter is with her every day at school – as per my previous post.

I’m glad I took my daughter to Channel Nine for the National IQ test, that was a highlight really – and catching up with many other entrepreneurs who I know. (Quite frankly it was a very long day and if I had of known the format I don’t think they really needed me).

What a wonderful treat to have RedBalloon shoes… I am known for my red wardrobe and this really completes all my outfits – another fabulous RedBalloon experience.

Finished the book Drive by Dan Pink, which inspired me to blog about Google and tweet rigorously.

Coming Up this week –

Monday: Launch of this Trimesters theme – very exciting and very on brand

Tuesday: Speaking for Jurlique on recognition – and also a client visit at the same time – not sure how that will work?

Wednesday: Speaking for the Women in the Shire of Yarra Ranges, about women in leadership

Thursday: Speaking for the Australian Health Services Financial Managers Association – a Growth Story. And attending a business round table and a family event at Melbourne Zoo.

Friday: The fabulous Tim Harcourt – Airport Economist is our guest at the RedBalloon lunch and learn.

Reading: The Power of Nice – by Kaplan Thaler & Koval

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  1. Hi Naomi:

    I am posting this comment from London, Ontario, Canada. Believe it or not, your episode on The Secret Millionaire Australia just aired on BBC-Canada. Yes, we are a bit behind on our ‘across the pond’ telly.

    I just wanted you to know that I found your experience to be enlighting and inspiring. Your gratitude for your family and success as well as your connection to the people you met was heartwarming. You quoted a saying that resonated with me . . . ‘If it’s meant to be, it’s up to me.”

    Like you, I have created an entrepreneurial career based on fun. I am a professional storyteller. Sharing the gift of laughter and stories has led to some amazing life experiences. I also am a firm believer in the spirit of volunteering and the awareness that there are many people around the world who are graciously giving their time, skills and resources to help others.

    So, I say thank you. For being an amazing reminder that the importance of going after your dreams and helping those around you is alive and well ‘across the pond.’

    Wishing you continued success.

    Dez Sargeant

  2. Thanks Naomi for sharing your story to women in the Shire of Yarra Ranges last night. I was interested in how the film Red Balloon was the inspiration for your business name and concept. It made me think back many years to when I turned seventeen in Bali and how some of the older women on the tour had brought balloons to give to the local children. Such a wonderous sight the pure pleasure those kids experienced from the balloons. They had never seen balloons before. So simple, yet beautiful.
    I felt connected to all the women who spoke last night, united through the common everyday experiences of living life with joy, struggle and resilience.
    Swinburne Student Services.

  3. Belatedly Naomi – I was delighted to hear that Dexter was a hit! It seems that word has got around and people are realising just how a simple cushion can put smiles on faces.
    You’ve probably seen this from Bryan Dyson, former CEO Coca Cola – “Value has a value only if its value is valued”.
    Best Christmas wishes to you and your family,

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