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Some weeks you feel that you move the game forward, others you stand still, and sometimes you go backwards. I was running a two speed life last week – working very productively on project work – but I had a melt down in my Outlook, lost my calendar, contacts and tasks – as well as double up on emails… and yes of course I have back ups – but all these things take time. It was the weirdest thing looking at my iPhone and not knowing who all the contacts were because only phone numbers appeared… even worse a calendar that had no entries. I found that I had a physical reaction to not having this detail at hand. My stomach knotted, I was worried that I was going to let someone down – I’m not saying it got as bad as ‘I couldn’t sleep.’ – But I did tell the GM IT – that I was ‘having kittens’, what ever that means.

Alas a bug got me at the end of the week – pretty funny that I was supposed to be recording my book as an audio file and I had a very deep husky voice – some how I think the producer is going to reject the file. I also was unable to do the speaking engagement on Sunday – but lucky we had a backup plan. I really appreciate my colleague James stepping in for me.

This Week

Monday: One on One’s in office
Tuesday: Directors presentations
Wednesday: Head Over Heels – advisory board meeting
Thursday: Ernst & Young Eastern Region Entrepreneur of the Year awards
Friday: Project work

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