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Dymocks and other great bookstores are all now stocking my recently released book ‘I want what she is having’. It is not an autobiography… It’s probably more than anything a marketing book. What I have learned – what worked and didn’t work. Also, it looks at the inextricable link between marketing and the employees of an organisation. Brands are built by People.

The other question that I am asked – is “when did you find time to write a book?” Is running a fast growing business, being a wife, mother and on the board of the Entrepreneurs Organisation not enough. It actually took many months to write, and in the end, I had to take Friday’s out of the office otherwise it never would have been done. Plus Sally and Jemma did some rigorous editing.

I’m really pleased with the outcome, I don’t know how many ‘soon to be’ or current business owners I might impact. Peers, mentors, coaches, friends and family have been very generous to me, so it is my time to give back. I also wanted to document the first five years inside a start up. The thrill and excitement of being part of something new.

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  1. I haven’t read your book but am keen to get a copy. I have recently joined local government after working in various levels of business from very small to large public companies. I am a little surprised that the brand is not a priority for some local councils who are trying to create a sense of belonging for the community and or build population. It is interesting to look at various councils and how they their image, brand and marketing of the services.

  2. Hello Naomi, I have just read your book and thoroughly enjoyed it. I found it inspiring as well as heart-warming, and best of all an easy and pleasurable read. I think it is especially important to acknowledge the work people do, there is not enough of that anymore. A simple thank you can can make the world of difference.

    Having been working on our business, RovingEye, for two years – a travel image library which is now expanding to feature articles – whilst holding down a full time job, and doing freelance work to help pay for it. I am excited that we are getting ourselves a new website and have set up a UK office and have massive plans and great ideas for the future. It is reassuring to read that others have the same ‘crazy’ notions we have and can make them work.

    Good luck with your book – I can see a lot of hard work, time and experience has gone into writing it. I also look forward to giving a Red Balloon Day to someone soon.

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