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Sometimes when I present my business card at a meeting – people giggle at my title. ?So what does a Chief Experience Officer get up to?hee hee?? I made my own version of CEO because it suited me.

I was reading in the current edition of Inc. Magazine about the titles people are given in start up and fast growing businesses. Smaller organizations will often give bigger titles so they as an organization appear bigger to the external world. As a result the article continues ?Many people prove to be unqualified for their jobs, employees begin to comb the internet to find out what people with similar titles are being paid. The result is wide spread disgruntlement over the relative size of their pay cheques,? says Bill Coleman from ?Indeed, a recent survey by found that nearly 80 percent of employees who claim to be underpaid are actually overpaid, fairly paid, or holding titles that do not match their jobs.?

?About 30 percent of those respondents most likely were over titled? according to Coleman. ?A lot of managers out there don?t manage anybody or anything.?

We may or may have not got this right in our business. One thing we have done is to enjoy the titles we give people to have some fun with it. We do have someone with the title Ghost Buster, a team of Pleasure Relations consultants, A Boiler Room Boss.

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