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The Big Red Group

The only constant in business — and life — is change… and my entrepreneurial journey is no different.

Last night was a moment on the timeline, I publicly unveiled The Big Red Group (BRG) alongside my co-founder and Group CEO, David Anderson. Check out the Facebook Live announcement.

David and I created the BRG to provide management and services to our businesses: RedBalloon,, and The Huddle. Each of these businesses deliver services to business owners, from marketing and online retail, to helping employees thrive or education and information programs.

We also revealed our very exciting news that the BRG has the exclusive rights to resell Artificial Intelligence Marketing Platform Albert™ to third-parties in Australia and New Zealand – including but not limited to media companies, across entire supplier chains, as well as to direct-to-consumer retailers. I’ll be back with a specialised Albert blog next week.

What I know for sure is that we are living in a different world than we were 16 years ago when I started RedBalloon…

What got us here is not going to get us there

We can’t keep doing the same things and expect different results. As business owners, we have got to keep it moving, and that includes being flexible and willing to evolve.

All companies in The BRG are focussed on the success of other businesses — your businesses.

The BRG inspires leadership, great workplaces and commercial outcomes for business owners. In essence, we know how difficult it can be to grow and scale a business consistently; David and I have built many enterprises during our careers and we know the challenges business owners face. We want to help.

We want business owners to be the best version of themselves and feel safe in the partnership with the Big Red Group, knowing we will deliver them customers, commercial outcomes and ultimately create better communities.

Here’s to the next chapter…

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