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Some say Riviera boats are an Australian icon ? but you need to be in ‘the know’ to see it that way.

I visited the Sydney boat show this week. I met the marketing people from Riviera while I was there.

I was fascinated to learn about this Australian iconic brand. It is considered iconic by those special people who are part of a ?marine community?. Later that evening more than 800 people who love ?Riviera? turned out in the pouring rain to discover the latest news from this great success story. (Apart from the fact that it has almost doubled its revenue in 12 months to more than $300mil.)

One thing that particularly interested me?was the Riviera fashion range. Now I am not talking about promotional products here. Riviera has engaged a top fashion designer and produced a fashion label to rival Nautica. The range is not a walking bill board for Riviera, it is tasteful, stylish and practical. (The kids range is really funky.)

There is a very committed group of people (mainly boat owners) who love this brand. They are absolutely loyal, and this fashion range offers them the opportunity to become even more engaged with the brand. (And spend more with Riviera more regularly rather than just purchasing a boat every few years.)

Riviera has tapped into not just its own community but also to a broader audience (by establishing a retail presence even beyond the Riviera Marine stores). Thus those who are unlikely to ever ?own? a Riviera boat, can still share in the experience of success.

Very clever marketing.

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