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Some of the most fun meetings we have at RedBalloon are when we get to invent new experiences (then we try to find a supplier for them).

I was sent this list of potential new experiences – and they made be a laugh. Not sure if they will make the RedBalloon website though. Something about political correctness…

  • Medical misdiagnosis – give a loved one a roller coaster of emotions as they are diagnosed with a serious condition, then told that it was all just a joke. What relief!
  • Medical malpractice – one step further. You are actually treated for something you don’t have, and get to experience the real side effects of the medications. Imagine how in touch you’ll feel actually going through chemotherapy ( a free scarf with every experience).
  • Car crash – this is a gift you’d give to a special friend. We arrange a car to collide with your specified recipient at a time and place you decide. You can decide on the degree of damage to be inflicted (results may vary). This is a great one to bundle with medical mis diagnosis or false arrest. It can be arranged for yourself (at a random unspecified time) or as a gift for someone you love.
  • Customs Inspection – want to make that holiday to Bali even more special? We can arrange for detainment and questioning for periods of 1 hour, 3 hours, or 24 hours. Water and bread are provided. Cavity search, destruction of luggage are optional extras. For those less adventurous, we can simply have your luggage lost in transit (either on the away leg or the return leg of your trip, depending on how adventurous you feel).
  • Medically induced coma – ever wondered what it would be like to wake up in 30 years? You’d be sedated and cared for, then work at a time (you need to specify) and thrown into the world with flying cars and even smaller iPods. Or, would there be oblivion? Movie rights are retained by the providers of the experience but can be purchased separately.
  • Stand Up Comedy – Some people fear public speaking more than death. So, what is worse than public speaking – being a stand-up comic!. Sink or swim, and overcome those debilitating fears by being first on stage on a busy Friday or Saturday night at a live comedy club.
  • A day at Maccas – if your staff think they aren’t paid enough, give them a day off to do something else ? flip burgers and learn how to work the chip fryer. You’ll be guaranteed that they come back to you with a renewed sense of reality!
  • “You’re fired” – can’t find the words to tell that special employee? Give a Red Balloon day they’ll never forget. With a special code, they can log on using our web site, and be told online. (can be bundled with our special Seek job-seeker package so the next step is clearly laid out for them…)
  • An affair to remember – you can arrange for a chance encounter…

Thanks, Stuart Gordon from Giant Promotions

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