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It is one thing to say ‘Seize the Day’ – but it is another to actually do it. I (probably like most other people) if I am really faced with a challenge then I want to hide under the bed covers and ‘hope’ it will go away and all of a sudden life will get easier – and I will have a happy existence.

This, however, is never the case. I know that for myself when I  (and especially together with a team) overcome obstacles – no matter how seemly great. The sense if accomplishment is why I do what I do.

Life is not linear, it is not easy – and being human is to be imperfect. We muddle our way through. But here is a list of ten things I do – when I need to pick myself up and make the most of any opportunity.

  1. I have the power to control where to spend my time – working out how you can focus on the one thing that needs to get done can be hard – the first thing to do is at least understand (truly) where you spend your time. Keep a daily time sheet out of interest.
  2. The right process sets you free, it delivers consistency and we cannot underestimate the importance of reliability. If you solve the right problem then you don’t have to go back to it
  3. Let people figure things out for themselves – whether it is your kids, spouse or colleagues… have a discussion about what the real problem is but let them figure it out for themselves.
  4. Are you the bottle neck in your own life? Do you have to do everything, know everything or can you get others involved or outsource? Think of yourself as a facilitator.
  5. New people bring ideas and will challenge the status quo. Do you meet new people are you open to new experiences?
  6. Do you see your life and your work as one in the same thing? There is a melding between the work life and the weekend… but if you are passionate about what you do then what could be possible.
  7. The best ideas come to those that listen the hardest… and have time to be creative. It is important to create an environment of listening. Listeners are far more likely to seize opportunities when they arrive.
  8. There is a price you pay for being constantly in motion. If you are always on to the next thing and not mastering what you have then this could be exhausting – if you are exhausted it is hard to see the real opportunity when you create it. All bright shiny things are not worth seizing.
  9. There is no such thing as time management – we were all given 24 hours. It is the leverage you get from those hours that make the difference.
  10. Ask yourself ‘What is the worst that can happen?’ There are more people who start businesses over the age of 40 than any other age group. Is this because they are quietly confident, know more or is it because finally they have just decided to “Seize the Day”

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